Buda       6BD273


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The 6BD273 is a non-sleeve six cylinder diesel engine. It has a 3 3/4 inch bore with a

4 1/8 inch stroke.

Part Number Description Price Per


 Main Bearing Set   STD .010 .020 .030




 Con Rod Bearing  STD  .010  .020  .030





 Con Rod Bushing 



   Gasket Head Set    set
   Gasket Full Set   overhaul    set
 4505418-1  Ring Set   (4 ring)     set
 4505418-2  Ring Set   (5 ring)     set
 4500281    Valve Intake    ea
 4506532   Valve Exhaust     ea
 4504082   Valve Spring      ea
 4504063  Valve Lifter     ea
 4504052  Valve Push Rod    ea
 4500166  Valve Guides    ea
 4502004  Valve Seats Exhaust    ea
 4504913-4  Bushing Cam Set     set


Prices are subject to change without notice.

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